Monday, August 1, 2011

A Little Trip...

We don't have the chance too often to go away as a little family.  Most of our time away is with either my, or Jake's, side of the family, which we LOVE, but sometimes it is nice to get away as just us.  It makes us feel like more of a little family...more like grown ups :)  This weekend, my dear friend Kristy got married in Spokane, so we decided to make a little road trip of it and spend a few days over there. 

I wisely thought leaving Thursday evening just before Calvins bed time would make for the easiest six-hour drive, and he would sleep most of the way.  WRONG!!  He started crying in Bothell, wouldn't take a bottle, and cried off and on, HARD, for hours!  It was awful!  He finally fell asleep and we rolled into Spokane around 1:30 am, exhausted.  Luckily, Calvin slept in a little bit, which he rarely does. 

We didn't have a ton of exploring time, but we were able to enjoy time at Riverfront Park, swam in the hotel pool several times, and were blessed to be a part of a dear friend's wedding.  It was HOT over there!!  Like mid-nineties, which is basically my melting temperature.  But we endured :) 

The drive back went much smoother, despite choosing to take Highway 2 and being stuck in the traffic of every small town festival along the way...which translated into stop and go driving for miles and miles and miles.  But overall a fantastic trip!  Calvin was such a trooper!  I was getting cranky after our long drive, too, so I can't blame him too much :) 

Calvin's first hotel stay!  He did great and we had the perfect room for our little family!

At Riverfront Park.  I decided if we ever had to move to Spokane, this is where I would spend all of my time.

Doesn't this just look like summer bliss?  Calvin had so much fun splashing around! He was SOAKED!

How cute is this?  These two are becoming quite the little buddies...I LOVE IT!!

Such a lovely wedding!

A great dose of some much needed family time!

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