Friday, October 12, 2012

Counting down the days

That's right folks...we are two weeks, a mere 14 days, away from my due date!!  It is all seeming very real that at any moment, our lives are going to change again with the addition of a sweet little girl.  Our house is full of pink, fluffy goodness and we are all so excited to meet our new addition whenever the Lord decides it is her time to come. 

How crazy adorable is this??  A sweet friend made it for my baby shower this past week. 

I have been praying the last few months for a better attitude this time around.  If you knew me when I was pregnant with Calvin, I was a beast at the end.  Irritable, uncomfortable, emotional, and just really miserable.  And not that those things aren't true this time around, I've just been much more conscious of how I deal with it.  Being pregnant with your first, there is a lot of opportunity to sit around and think about how miserable you feel, and get overly anxious towards the end.  This time around, I have a crazy little two year old to keep me occupied.  I've also worked hard...maybe a little too be "prepared".  Yes, I have the drawers stocked with clean baby clothes and blankets, hospital bags are packed.  But I also have a stocked freezer with dinners to last us a lifetime, and baked goods so it will still taste like fall even if I don't have the energy to bake :)  My family will be much better taken care of this time around :) 

Now, we can relax and enjoy these last days of just the three of us.  I am trying to soak up every sweet Calvin moment I can.  Thankfully, Jake will have time off work to give Cal some extra attention once the baby comes.  Overall, I think he is going to do great and cannot wait to hold his little sister! 

Can't wait to announce our little girl's arrival to the world...hopefully sooner rather than later!!  I'm due the 26th, but our AMAZING birth photographer is leaving town the 23rd.  So pray for a baby before the 22nd!!  I would hate to not have images like these this time around :


  1. We are so excited for y'all! I'm super impressed with your cooking preparedness. I definitely did not do that! And... you *could* just fly to Houston and have her here! I'm sure your doctor (& grandparents, friends, etc) would understand... ;)

  2. SOOOO excited that it's almost time! Can't wait to see pictures of all 4 of you together.