Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabulous Fourth!

Well, it was a little bittersweet celebrating the last of Calvin's "first" holidays...but it was so much fun!  He did great all day!  We celebrate our fourth of July up in Blaine every year with my extended family.  If you've never been up there for the fourth, they put on a great show...parade, street fair, bands, and wonderful fireworks!  Honestly, some of the best fireworks I've seen, not just because they're big, but because you can pretty much be right underneath them...awesome! Calvin "mostly" enjoyed the fireworks.  We were hoping he'd take a "nap" at his normal bed time, but didn't so he was exhausted.  He watched the first few minutes of fireworks, fell asleep, then woke up a bit later and was not so happy.  But it was a great first attempt :) 
It was a great, relaxing day celebrating with family, and enjoying the sunshine!!

WAY too cool!

Parade Fun!

So happy my cake turned out!  It isn't near as pretty as the one on Glorious Treats, but at least it looked like it was supposed to!!  I was really nervous cutting into it :) 

Hurry up and start, fireworks, this boy won't sit still!!

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