Monday, November 21, 2011

So Very Blessed

I was struck today with an abundance of gratitude to the Lord for how richly He has blessed me.  Of course, it is the week of Thanksgiving, I've read a number of "I'm Thankful for..." blogs and statuses.  But what really made me realize how truly blessed I am?  Today, I was out running errands and I noticed a long line down the sidewalk.  I'm in that part of town pretty frequently and I'd never seen that many people before.  I peeked down the street and realized it was a line for the Food Bank.  I didn't even know that's where the food bank was.  And it struck me...I have no doubts that I will be eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal surrounded by people I love, and who love me back.  We will be warm and cozy, stuffed to the brim, and totally happy.  It will be a day free of stress (for me at least, since I'm not doing much cooking) and full of joy.  And I know that isn't true for everyone. 

Honestly, I've been spending a lot more time lately being stressed out about what we don't have, or the fact that we need to "save up" to buy a new dust buster after ours broke.  I've been overlooking the fact that God has blessed us ABUNDANTLY...well beyond what we need, and even beyond what we ask for. 

So I am going to try a little harder, not just this week, but every week, to focus on the things I am grateful for, and thank God for them. 

Two of my favorite blessings : ) 

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