Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Meals!

Woohoo!  Two weeks in a row of being prepared!  I love not having to think when it comes to "what's for dinner".  I'm also trying to do a better job of planning out snacks, breakfast, and lunches, but that's a work in progress.  I've been on a "mix" kick lately.  So far, I've made my own bisquick mix and brownie mix, and I'm wanting to make my own pancake mix once I have all the ingredients.  I don't know if it's exactly saving me money, since I wouldn't normally buy mixes, but it definitely saves me time, and it really doesn't take any fancy ingredients. 

I basically start to melt when it gets over 80 degrees, and since summer has finally arrived here in the Northwest, I'm trying to do as little cooking as possible!  These are the days when freezer meals come in handy!  Almost no prep time, so Cal and I can spend our afternoon at the pool, then pop dinner in the oven and done! 

Here's our week in meals...

Sunday - Tacos...pretty much my favorite meal ever!

Monday - Leftover tacos, or picnic at the lake with sandwiches

Tuesday - Cilantro Lime chicken with red beans and rice

Wednesday - Sweet and Sour Meatballs with rice (freezer meal)

Thursday - Chicken Satay with rice (another freezer meal)

Friday - homemade hamburgers and (hopefully!?) homemade buns!

Saturday - down at my folks for the day :) 

Happy sunny week!! 

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