Sunday, September 1, 2013

Turning Three

We've had a great weekend celebrating Calvin's third birthday.  This was the first birthday celebration that really felt like it was about him.  Let's admit it...the first couple are about us parents.  This year, I knew he would be excited about the decorations, and he would know there was something different and special about this day.  He was so excited and surprised by the decorations I put up after he went to bed.  And we spent the day doing all of his favorite things!  He is such a special little guy.  Such a great sense of humor.  Loves to laugh.  Loves to be around anyone who will listen to his constant chatter.  So sweet to everyone and gives tons of hugs and kisses.  Loves to help mommy around the house and daddy when he's working outside.  A little cautious, just like his mama, but when he sets his mind to it, he's quite the adventurer.  Our lives are so blessed by this little boy. 

Birthday hugs with my babies!

Mickey Mouse Pancakes and hot cocoa!


Fun at the park


Playing trains with daddy

Homemade birthday pizza while watching a movie
For his birthday party, we went pretty mellow.  Just grandparents and uncles over for a BBQ and trip to the park.  Calvin is so loved by his family and we are so blessed to have both sides close by.  He got some pretty awesome gifts.  A giant helicopter and matchbox cars, a playdough set, and an art set (with glitter glue, which I am very excited about!)

Grandma and grandpa Harley

Grandma and grandpa E


  1. Happy Birthday Calvin! Way to go momma....making his birthday's full of great memories already! The Honey's love you big boy!