Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Star Wars Nerds!!

We took a little family field trip down to the Pacific Science Center to see the Star Wars exhibit.  It was pretty cool, full of costumes and puppets from the movie and model space ships that were used in filming.  It was pretty funny, too, to watch a whole bunch of dads drooling over all the stuff, trying to get their kids excited, most of whom had never even seen the movies!  It was one of the first all day outings we had taken Calvin where we were literally "out" all day, not going to someone's house, or spending time with family.  He did great!!  It was the first time we had him in his stroller without the infant carseat, so he got to enjoy looking around, like the big boy that he already is :) 

We also had fun exploring the dinosaur exhibits, butterfly house, and all the other fun stuff there is to do at the science center.  It had been years since Jake or I had been down there, so it was a great day! 

And it wouldn't be a trip to Seattle without going to Top Pot of my favorites :) 

It was a great family day and we can't wait until our next adventure!!

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  1. SOO CUTE! Glad you got to have a fun family outing!! :) Can't believe how he's growing!!!