Friday, September 9, 2011

Calvin's Birthday and Crescent Bar

Goodness, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks!  I thought this summer was going to be pretty mellow, since we didn't have much on the calendar.  But the days have filled up and time has flown by!!  Before we knew it, we celebrated our little boy's first birthday!!  What a crazy day!  It is so wierd to think that a year ago on that day, we were meeting Calvin for the first time ever!  All day long, I was thinking about what we were doing at that same time one year ago.  When we introduced Calvin to our friends and family for the first time...the first time he fell asleep on our chests...the first time we went to sleep with a little baby in the room.  So many emotions filled that day and it was such a fun day to look back at our wonderful first year as a family of three. 

Calvin's party was so much fun!  We celebrated with some friends and family and gave lots of attention to the birthday boy!  He wasn't crazy about the cake, but he ate some.  And he was just a bundle of smiles and laughs! 
How grown up does this boy look??

My feeble attempt at a cake...everyone said it was cute, but I wasn't convinced :(

Starting to dig in!

Our one year old little family :) 

After celebrating Calvin's birthday, we got to spend some fun family time over in Crescent Bar, WA.  My dad and brother had tickets to the Dave Matthews show at the Gorge, so we tagged along.  It was toasty warm, mid-nineties, with nothing to worry about but what time we were headed to the pool, and what flavor of shaved ice we'd get.  We went with my folks, so grandma and grandpa were more than happy to sit with Calvin in the kiddy pool while I worked on my tan.  It was blissful!! 

The Gang
(My brother's girlfriend, Erica, Nick, me, Calvin, and Jake, and my folks)

Such a little pool dude!

It has been a crazy busy and crazy fun summer, and I am ready for things to settle down.  I can't wait for Fall to arrive!!  My scarves and mittens are calling my name and I am ready to pull out my fall decorations!!

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