Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Candle Lady

That's right...I'm a crazy candle lady now!!  Tonight I had my starter show to begin my business as a consultant with Partylite Candles.  I started with Partylite about six years ago because I was totally obsessed with the product...but ended up not being so great at the consulant part.  It was just the wrong time.  A friend signed up recently though, and it got me really excited.  So, a few forms filled out and I'm a consultant!  I am SO excited this time around.  It is a much better fit, super flexible schedule (because I'm my own boss!!), and I think it's really fun. 

Now, I am NOT a sales person.  I do not try to sell someone something they don't want.  I want to be low pressure and just let it all fall in to place.  I feel so blessed to recieve the reassurance I need that  this was the right decision over the past few days, though.  People actually showed up to the party tonight!  And I've had several people call me out of the blue to book shows.  Total blessing!! 

So, I'm just really excited and I wanted to share!  Call me if you want to book a show!!  haha :) 

Go burn a candle! 

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