Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perpetual Motion

I know it sounds cliche, but my oh my, how time flies!!  I literally can't believe how fast our boy is growing up.  It feels like the last few weeks have brought major changes, physically and mentally, and it is such a blessing to get to watch him grow and change.  He is keeping us all on our toes from morning until he lays his perfect little head down to sleep at night.  I am loving every minute of it, but every stage has it's chalenges.  I currently have three parenting books on hold at the library...the true sign one is parenting a toddler :)

Some of the things that have changed in just the last few weeks:
  • Walking is his primary mode of travel.  He still crawls if he thinks he needs to go super fast, but picks himself right back up and walks. 
  • He has started a bit of sign language while eating, specifically "all done"...although he doesn't quite get when to use it.  I'd all but given up on the sign language thing. 
  • He can drink out of a sippy cup!  I thought my child would be the only one who couldn't use one!  But he totally has it figured out and looks like such a big boy throwing his head back getting those last few drops of apple juice :) 
  • He mimics my hand motions when I show him something is a "no touch".  I have to hide my face so he doesn't see me's so cute!
  • When we ask him what a doggy says, he responds with "oof, oof" cute!! 
  • It's really hard to get him to eat veggies, even though he had loved them ever since starting solid foods.  I have to sneak bites in, or hide veggie purees in his pasta sauce, quesadilla, or even his PBJ sandwhich :) 
  • He is definitely starting to get a bit naughty and we've had to start spanking and giving time outs when he is clearly defying me, it is quite obvious. 
  • There have been several times when I can hear him just chatting in his crib.  Up until a few weeks ago, the first sound we would hear upon him waking was bloody murder screaming.  A very nice change :) 
  • He is still the cutest, sweetest, loving, friendly little boy and I don't think that will change.  I took him to the play place at the mall on a rainy day this week and his biggest problem was that he would hug other children until he knocked them over.  We need to work on the friendliness factor. 
  • Oh, he also loves to be bounced! If you are sitting with your legs crossed, he takes that as a sign you're willing to bounce him and comes and sits on your foot.  Literally anyone...even strangers at the mall. 
I know the changes will continue and I am just trying to cherish all the moments I have with him.  The other day, I turned on some music and he wanted to be held so we could dance...his grandma Karstetter has given him a great love for dancing :).  I stood there dancing with him, he was smiling, and I seriously started to cry because it was the most absolutely perfect moment.  Those don't happen all that often and I was just soaking it up!  I love how smart and independent Calvin is becoming, but I miss my little baby, and I cherish the moments I have that remind me of those days. 

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  1. Totally fun awesome age. Totally exhausting. Totally worth every minute. ;)