Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another New Year!

Like everyone else, I am spending my day sweetly remembering this past year, and hopefully anticipating what is to come!  We have had such an amazing year.  Nothing too monumental happened, but sometimes, that's a good thing :)  We celebrated three years of marriage, Calvin turned one, we camped for the first time as a family of three, we tagged along through many "firsts" for Calvin...walking, running, climbing, Mama, Dada, and figuring out how to get in to just about everything!  And we made and shared memories with many friends and family!

God continues to bless us with good health.  And we are so grateful Jake has steady work.  It isn't his dream job, but in today's economy, we are beyond grateful.  It's easy to hope and dream about what the next year may hold, but one of my "goals" is to leave more in the hands of the Lord and do less planning on my own.  Now, don't get me wrong, there will still be plenty of planning going on.  But there will hopefully be more leaning on the Lord's wisdom rather than my own and seeking His will above ours. 

Here are a few other "resolutions"...
  • Always have a dining table ready to be eaten at.  That may sound silly, but I hate it when we can't sit down to eat because the table is covered with junk.  I guess I'm hoping to be more organized :) 
  • Be more aware of what we are eating.  Specifically the ingredients in the food we are eating.  I really like to cook, and I do make a lot of things homemade (spagetti sauce, tortillas, refried beans, croutons, etc.) but I want to do more!  I want to start baking my own bread and rolls, and pizza dough.  Not only to be healthier, but to try and save money!
  • Of course exercise more!  I have been somewhat of a lazy slug since Calvin was born.  Oh, I've gone through phases of being really motivated, but I need to get my rear in gear!
And of course there are the intangible resolutions...the ones you can't really measure, like being more patient with Calvin, and making my husband , family, and household more of a priority over my own desires.  But those will probably be on my "list" every year. 

Happy New Year from the Eschbachs!

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  1. Love the resolutions. I can relate to the dining room table one! :) I admire all the things you make from scratch. It's so great you're avoiding preservatives like that!

    I love making our own pizza dough. Homemade potato rolls were another fun new discovery this year. Have fun experimenting! :)