Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bad Blogger

So it's official...I'm a bad blogger!!  I often think about things I want to blog, but never get around to it.  I love reading other people's blogs, and staying up to date on their lives.  And I think there are at least a few people who read this, and I love keeping friends and family updated on our lives.  So I will continue to try, but I apologize for the long stretches of silence that can be found here. 

Nothing monumental is currently happening in the Eschbach household, we are just enjoying the days as they come.  Sometimes I am really thankful during seasons like this, where there doesn't seem to be much change.  Even though there are things in our lives that could improve, or make life easier, I am thankful for peace and predictability.  I also am learning that those seasons should be cherished, because they often don't last long!  Every day is a journey as I am trying to seek after the Lord's will in every aspect of my life.  In my role as a wife and homemaker, a fun mom and a mom who disciplines her children with love and grace, a friend, a daughter, and so many other roles God has blessed me to be in.  It has been my prayer lately to find joy in even the most mundane of days and cherish every moment. 

We have had some pretty fun times lately.  We were able to get away for a week with Jake's folks, and travel as a family down to Palm Springs, CA.  On the way down, I was telling Jake that I would never want to live somewhere that's hot and sunny all the time.  And by the end of our first day, I was asking when we could move!  The weather was perfection.  Not too hot, but warm enough to be outside and enjoy the pool, wear flip flops, and drink iced americanos.  The resort was filled with grapefruit and lemon trees and we were free to pick as many as we could eat. We had fresh squeezed lemonade every day! 

Calvin and Emma could not have been more perfect travelers!  When we landed, the folks sitting in front of us on the plane stood up and were surprised to see two children sitting behind them.  And traveling with kids, although it comes with added stress, also comes with blessings.  People are much more gracious when you have a smiling three month old in your arms.  And traveling with grandma and grandpa is awesome!  I swear it is my mother-in-laws dream vacation to get to watch babies all day, and I was more than happy to fulfill her dream :)  We had a great, restful time as a family! 

How fabulous to spend January days in the sunshine! 

Isn't he handsome?  Hard to believe this summer we'll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! 

How great of a life is this? 

A few cute Calvin stories from our trip...
*I joined Jake and Calvin in the pool and was informed that Cal had pointed to the rather large, older man at the other end of the pool and called him a bear.  As we were swimming around, he kept pointing at him, asking to "touch the bear".  Luckily, the man was far enough away I don't think we offended him. 
*Since it was warm and clear, we would go outside each night and look at the stars and moon.  After finding it, Cal would ask "hold the moon?"  So cute.  I love the two year old mind. 

If you ever need a little dose of craziness, you are welcome to spend a little time at our house.  I try to be organized and with it, but most days don't end up that way.  I love that I am able to spend my days at home with my kiddos and just go with the flow.  If the day goes according to plan, great.  If not, who are we trying to impress, anyway?  Are my kids on a consistent schedule?  No, but they seem okay with it. 

Enjoy the days! 


  1. phoenix is sunny most of the time ... just sayin:) in case you decide to move/visit somewhere warm;)

  2. Sometimes it's tempting on these dreary days! I didn't mind being able to take Calvin outside to run around at any time of the day. We'll just have to make a visit to Phoenix one of these days :)

  3. Of course we read your blog! How else can I stay up with someone that lives so far away! :) You are not a blog failure. We'll take updates whenever you want to post them. You have a lovely family--brings back many great memories of when my kids were that age. Happy thoughts sent your way!

  4. Awww, Love Emma's little bikini! And you look amazing yourself. I'm super impressed! Glad you guys got to get away and you'll have to tell me sometime what to expect with two little kiddos. I'm getting a bit nervous. :)

  5. Great update, Sarah! It is so fun to see that you're such a happy wife and mom. Keep soaking in the time with your sweet little ones...I can't believe how fast Calvin is growing up!