Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am constantly struck, these days, by how continually life changes.  For example, I am a total night owl.  I would rather stay up until 1 or 2, then sleep in the next morning.  But tonight, I am forcing myself to stay up until 10 pm so I can feed Emma one more time.  FORCING!!  It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was pulling all nighters with my girlfriends, or Jake and I were talking on the phone through the night.  And now...well, let's just say night time is the hardest time to love being a mom :)  I am trying to do my best to cherish every moment I have with my kids.  But does it really have to come at 12:30...and 2:30...and 4:45...and again at 6:30??  (These are all AMs, by the way).

But the days just keep on ticking by, and my kids keep getting older and older!  Calvin is becoming more of a little boy every day and it is amazing to watch him develop and learn things.  Today he was tracing letters I wrote out for him.  And he is saying new words all the time.  Things like "absolutely" and "perhaps".  Words that when said in a sweet little two year old voice make your heart absolutely melt.  And today was a BIG milestone!  We had a poop in the potty!!  We've had poops in the potty before, but this was the first time Calvin told me he needed to go.  It was a BIG day in the Eschbach household.  And yes, I am cracking myself up over the fact that I am SO excited over a poop in the potty. 

Calvin showing off his treat for the big poop :)

How crazy cute is this kid?
And in Emma news...she is four months old already!  She is so, so close to rolling over...if only that darn arm would get out of the way!  We call her the squack box because she is constantly chatting, and making sure her opinion is heard.  She's still pretty unpredictable and we've had a hard time getting on a good schedule.  Sometimes her naps only last about 45 minutes and sometimes she sleeps 2 1/2 hours.  She went through a good couple weeks of sleeping through most of the night, but she's back to waking up every couple hours.  She's still sleeping in our room, so it makes for some pretty long nights.  We love her to bits though, and we love what she has added to our family. 

How sweet is this angel face?

She'll be rolling in no time!

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