Thursday, February 21, 2013


Throughout our married life, we have been blessed with some amazing friendships.  It is always fun to have friends who are in the same stage of life as you are.  Newlywed friends who want to stay up late playing games because we all have nothing to do the next morning but catch up on sleep.  And in this stage of life, it is such a blessing to have other young families to provide encouragement, and who don't mind getting together for dinner at 4:30 so we can all be home and have the kiddos in bed by 7.  My how things have changed! 
I have shared before about the wonderful gals I shared a small group with, beginning when I was pregnant with Calvin.  My dear friend Julie was part of that group until she and her family moved back down to Houston, Texas, where they were originally from.  This last week, they were able to come back up here for a visit and it was SO MUCH FUN to get all of our kids together. 

Here's a little progression of how our group has changed over the years...

We were missing Jen's baby girl, Kyrie, who was still napping
Eight kids later and it is still such a blessing to be connected with these girls.  Of course, our time together has changed drastically.  We aren't able to get together nearly as often as we used to.  And when we do, you can imagine it is a little bit chaotic.  But the memories we will forever share of this incredible time in our lives are such treasures.  


  1. Thought I posted a comment but apparently not! Just wanted to say I love you girls. :)