Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lovely Day!!

It was so beautiful out today!!  It is so much fun to have more and more nice days to go outside and play. Calvin and I have really enjoyed taking walks on the trails around our house.  Although I am a true Northwesterner, and I think it's "nice" as long as it's not raining.  And flip flop season starts somewhere around April 1, when the temperatures pop up over 50 degrees, and typically lasts until October, as long as it isn't raining :)  Friends from warmer climates think I'm crazy!  

Today, after daddy got home from work, we took Calvin for his first trip to the park.  He'd spent a little time on the grass outside our apartment, so he was ready to go!!

He loves everything about grass...especially how it tastes!

Daddy was NOT a very good influence!

We are looking forward to many more sunny days as summer approaches!  I saw on the weather forecast that it's supposed to get up to 70 in the next few weeks!  Woohoo!! 

And in other news...
Calvin is such a scooter!! He is crawling around like crazy, and getting so fast.  He also is now pulling himself up to standing at tables, chairs, or anything that holds his weight.  He is growing so fast and it is amazing to watch.  He is a gigantic ball of goof and we crack up watching him every single day.  Oh, and the "crying it out" has had great success!  We've had two nights this week that neither of us have had to get up with Calvin!  I will get up if he is absolutely screaming, but otherwise, he is figuring it out himself.  What a big boy! 

Such a goof!!

Catch me if you can!!