Monday, January 16, 2012


I am so loving this day!!  I LOVE snow!!  The snow has been falling all day and it is so cozy in our little house.  This is the first time it has snowed since we've lived here and I love having all the windows to watch the snow fall!!  And since there is very little venturing outside (Calvin isn't too keen on playing in the snow for too long) it's a perfect day for menu planning!!

Monday - Spinach and Kale Soup
Tuesday - Honey Glazed chicken thighs and rice (from Fix, Freeze, and Feast...the BEST freezer meal cookbook)
Wednesday - Balsalmic Chicken and pasta (from the crockpot)
Thursday - Beef Stew.  I've never made it before, but today, I am making beef broth in the crockpot from some pieces of meat left over from our Christmas roast.  It smells SOOO good!!
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Salsa Chicken (from the crockpot).  This is the only meal that I actually need to pick up a couple things for, and since we are supposed to be getting several inches of snow, I'm saving my grocery trip until the end of the week. 
Sunday - Taco Soup with flatbread

It's a soup heavy week!  And it's the perfect week for it!!  I LOVE soup!  And Jake and Calvin love soup!  And we all love leftover soup.  I've decided I am going to try and do one vegetarian meal every week.  This week it's the Kale and Spinach soup.  Just to save money and experiment with proteins other than meat.

Several of my recipes this week were found on Pinterest.  If you haven't checked out...DO IT NOW!!!  Yes, it is easy to spend hours "pinning" things you might possibly never look at again, but there are also some really helpful, useful things on it.  It's great for getting ideas for meals. 

Yesterday I made my first loaf of bread in a breadmachine and it turned out great!!  I'm excited to do more experimenting with it and making other types of breads and doughs.  I really love to bake, but for some reason, kneading and letting bread rise just isn't working for me.  Some day it might click, but for now, the breadmaker is going to become my second best friend (the crockpot will forever remain my first).  

Happy Meal Planning!! 

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