Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days!!!

We had the pleasure of a winter wonderland around here the last few days.  I absolutely LOVE the snow.  I don't particularly like having to travel in it, or even be out in it for too long, but I love getting to watch the snow fall.  And I love the peacefulness it brings.  I know it tends to stress people out, but I love how everyone has to slow down...the roads are quiet, the stores are less busy (if we decide to venture out), and it is a great excuse for extra cups of hot chocolate and snuggles on the couch.  We didn't have nearly as much snow as the rest of western Washington, but a good 4-5" is just perfect!  It was also super cold with temps in the teens, and with the windchill, dipping down into single digits.  So it wasn't necessarily playing outside kind of weather for too long. 

We didn't have snow that stuck around for too long last year, so this was really Calvin's first time out in it.  He also would have only been about 5 months old last time it snowed, so I don't know how much playing would have happened anyway :) 

He loved it!!  Well, unless it touched his hands.  He would not keep his mittens on, which meant he only lasted a few minutes outside (which was the perfect length of time for me) and once we came in, there was much screaming as his hands thawed.  But it was worth it :)  We can't wait for next year's snow fall when Calvin is a little older and can play for a little longer. 

Some proof we actually went out in the snow...

Before the "big" snow came and we only had a dusting.  Just checking things out...

Tasting his first snowball

Too cute!!

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