Monday, January 30, 2012

This week's meals...

This week is a little crazy.  Besides being the last few days of the month and having only $9 left in the grocery's also Super Bowl weekend and Jake and I are getting the chance to get away for a night!!  So we won't be at home as much...which is good, considering the limited grocery budget we have left :) 

Monday - Crab salad with homemade french bread.  We finally have a bread machine!!  And I LOVE it!!I still need to train my taste buds a little bit...I have a tendency to not like something just because it                isn't what I'm used I'm working on it :) 
Tuesday - Black Bean Soup
Wednesday - Pork Chops and Rice
Thursday - Tuna Melts and raw veggies
Friday - Night away!!
Saturday - Probably grab a pizza :) 
Sunday - Super Bowl...we'll be watching the game at friends...and eating way more than we should!

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